Emanations of States: the French Cour de cassation opens the way to the seizures, Recueil Penant n° 862, January - March 2008.


The immunity of jurisdiction of the embassies and consulates in the actions in dismissal without a real and serious cause – Petites affiches n° 202, October 8th, 2008.


The motivation of the foreign legal decision in the procedure of exequatur: Recueil Dalloz n° 1, January 1st, 2009.


The enforcement in France of the CCJA arbitral awards, Recueil Penant n° 866 January - March 2009; RTDJA n° 2 July - September 2009.


Articles about the exequatur on Esq. David MOTTE-SURANITI's legavox website, 2014-2015 : http://www.legavox.fr/blog/maitre-david-motte-suraniti/





Master I in business law / international law - University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.


Master II in European Law – Memorandum: “Rome I, Rome II: the unification of the rules concerning conflicts of laws” - University of Social sciences of Toulouse.


Certificate of Ability for the Profession of Attorney (French CAPA) – Paris Bar.