Attorney at law at the Paris Bar 

22 avenue de l’Observatoire 

75014 Paris 


TEL : (33) 1 43 22 75 76 

TEL : (33) 6 58 23 95 31 

FAX : (33) 1 45 38 57 10

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The MOTTE-SURANITI law firm has for activity the counsel to foreign companies and individuals about French law, and their representation in the litigations which are introduced in France.


Attorney at law at the Paris Bar since 2007, Esq. David MOTTE-SURANITI counsels the companies which have business in France, notably concerning the creation and the registration, international contracts (sale, loan, lease), company law, business law and tax law.


The firm has an experience in international litigations, implying the technical expertise of French private international law: conflicts of jurisdictions, conflicts of laws, application of international conventions and civil liability (contracts and torts).


It also counsels and represents individuals in the following matters of French law: real estate, succession, relation with the French administration, nationality, contracts and family law. In these fields, also, its knowledge of French private international law is essential.


Esq. David MOTTE-SURANITI proceeds to the enforcement in France of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, especially by the French procedure of the exequatur.


In this aim, in the cases of credit recovery, he has a practical knowledge and experience for the identification of the credits belonging to a debtor in France, and for the procedures of seizure of his goods and assets.


The firm also proceeds to the exequatur of foreign judgments of succession, divorce and adoption.